About Balter

Thoughtfully Selected Drinks

We spent time investigating the New Zealand craft beer and cider scene, checking out wonderful Wellington brews and talking to smaller brewers we believe have special something. We explored New Zealand wines and chose what we believe is a great selection, which also complements our food and general vibe!

Plates Made to Share

Food is a priority to us and that is reflected in our share plates menu. Think Kiwi-inspired tapas-esque small sharing plates, locally sourced where we can. We also offer a full brunch menu Friday to Sunday. And check out our new gourmet burgers if you're feeling particularly peckish! It's just damn good food!

Why Should I "Balter"?

When the time is right, the scene is set and the lights are low, your body decides that the music is sending you a message to dance like a lunatic! It's all good, just go with it. Are you co-ordinated? Probably not. Graceful? Yeah, right! But do you enjoy it? HELL YES! 

What A Crazy Idea

...Is what we said for about a year whilst we toiled night and day to bring the bar and kitchen to fruition. But we're here, now, with a small piece-of-wonderful to share with you. So you just have to get down here and meet the awesome-friendly team including our super-chef and amazeballs bar staff. See you soon!

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